Here are some sites I've found helpful or interesting.

Web design
All of these have oodles of information for anyone who wants to build their own website.

www.dpreview.com — good place to research which camera to buy. When I was looking for my first digital camera I checked their forums. In one forum people were discussing problems and how to fix them, but in the Canon forum people were discussing how great their cameras were. So I bought a Canon G2. When it was time to upgrade my camera I found the same thing and bought the Canon G9. I currently have the Canon SX60 "bridge" camera and love its 65x zoom.

Web hosting company
www.westhost.com — They offer good packages at reasonable prices and I've found them to be reliable and helpful, both with help from a person and on their active and informative forums. They have a referral program, so if you should sign up with them, please list Deerfoot Studios as your referral.

Art Supplies