I'm retired now and no longer accepting new clients.

Lyn's photoLyn Rodger has a diverse background that includes fine art, computer design, music, and even economics. She has been a graphic designer for more than 20 years, first producing posters and programs for Symphony Pro Musica (for which she produced programs and other printed material for over 17 years).

Her college degree is in Economics from Arcadia University (formerly Beaver College) in Pennsylvania, but all her classes and courses since then have been in art or music and have included watercolor painting, pottery, two- and three-dimensional design, color theory, Photoshop, and desktop publishing.

A special interest is typography. “I am interested in presenting words and letters on a page so they are both attractive and unobtrusive,” she says. When Lyn produces written materials, she chooses her type styles as carefully as the overall design; indeed the font is an element of the design. “My approach is to use fonts and letters as graphic interest to rest the eye and break up the gray of the text.”

Another strong interest is the improvement and manipulation of photographs using Adobe Photoshop. An amateur photographer skilled in both 35mm and digital photography, Lyn took courses at the Photography Institute in New York City after college and is a self-taught digital photographer. She is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and has used Photoshop since 1989. She also provides photo retouching services.

Design: 3-D to 2-D
Before Deerfoot Studios was a graphic design company, Lyn spent fifteen years as a self-employed potter, and finds that the move from the potter’s wheel to the computer screen was essentially a switch from three-dimensional to two-dimensional design. "All design is related — all forms of design concentrate on the use of color, space, and light," she says.

Lyn moved from 1980s cut-and-paste when she purchased her first Macintosh computer in 1989. She makes frequent hardware and software upgrades, researching options and installing equipment herself.

Favorite Projects
All of her talents were called into play when she published a book, Bicycle Guide to the Lewis & Clark Trail, for her husband, Tod. She accompanied him on research trips, took photos for the book, designed the cover and layout, and formatted the inside pages. “I had to use all my skills to make it easily usable and readable with a friendly look and personal touches,” she says. Lyn drew maps, designed a font for the map symbols and interacted with the printer — and she also put up a web site for book sales (www.deerfootpublications.com), which required her to learn HTML and other intricacies of web site design.

Other favorite projects have been designing large viewbook brochures for clients who encourage her creativity, and react with the coveted “Wow!” response at design presentations, and her newest offering, web site design for local small businesses and entrepreneurs.

In addition to design ability and flexibility, Lyn is known for the listening skills and personal touch that give clients results that are tailored to their needs and express their wishes. Lyn seeks customers within driving distance because it is important to her to meet with clients, see their facility, learn about their product or service and fully understand their requirements. “When you visit a company and meet the people, you can pick up elements of the building or workspace and the spirit of the business that can be used in the design,” she affirms. “I can take cues from products, services, and even my surroundings.”

Interview by Barbara Parente
The PR Specialist